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Past Events


Through this conference, organized in collaboration with the Delegation of the EU to Canada, the UBC Political Science Department and the UBC Institute for European Studies, students and panelists attempted to analyse the future of this multifaceted relationship. This conference brought UBC students and faculty together with esteemed Canadian and European representatives on panels on topics such as trade and security, featuring guests Chris Cooter, Brice de Schietere, Chris Kilford, Maud Labat, Adam Hatman and Kenneth Macartney.


A night of scholars from UBC, consular offices, and international relations think tanks discussed four states’ development in technology, politics, identity, and relations. Also featured was a student panel, analysis workshop, and a cultural food fair, where students enjoyed cuisines from all four tigers! From the 60s to the 90s, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong had one of the most exceptional economic growth in the world. Their strong focus on export and education enabled them to withstand financial crises and continue a steady GDP growth rate, joining ranks as one of the wealthiest states in the world. After 30 years, it is worthy to see their development today. Where were they 30 years ago and where are they now? 

This event was part of our week-long programming for International Development Week 2020: Reimagining Systems. Global refugee crises have resulted in the need to fine-tune policies that can enhance the experience of those who we welcome in our countries. Canada has welcomed 28,000 refugees in 2018. While we see a lot of statistics, refugee lives belong to individuals with unique experiences of seeking refuge, settling and building new lives in the host countries. In this panel, we learned from researchers and explore the unique experiences of refugees in Canada and especially from the UBC community, including speakers such as Dr. Amira Halperin, Tamasha Hussein, Amina Ibrahim and Shaza Alshamsi.
A Talk on Humanitarian Aid hosted by Vice-President of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies (IFRC) - Mr Miguel Villarroel. Mr Villarroel was elected into the IFRC in 2017 as the Vice-President at the 21st General Assembly. In addition to his international position, he also serves as the Second Vice-President of the Venezuelan Red Cross. With his experience, Mr Villarroel gave a talk on humanitarian aid - the local and international obstacles of delivering humanitarian aid and the future of this concept.
All 17 components of the SDGs are interconnected; the UN recognizes that the efforts to tackle global issues, such as poverty and hunger, must work together with approaches to improve health and education, promote economic growth, and reduce inequality, while putting climate change and the preservation of our natural environments at the forefront.  An evening with the UBC Sustainability Ambassadors – in partnership with the UBC SDG Alliance – for a panel and roundtable discussion on the roles that students, faculty, and staff play in advancing the SDGs at UBC.
IRSA and UBC Hua Dialogue presented “Taiwan Election – New Decade of Cross Strait Relations.” This trilingual event (Cantonese, English, Mandarin) featured a short introductory lecture on Taiwanese politics and updates on its most recent presidential election on January 11, followed by a Taiwanese student panel, where students learned more about Taiwanese politics, culture, and societal values. Lastly, the event will concluded with a group discussion workshop in which students formed discussion groups to engage in deeper conversations about the election.

The seventh part of our “Let’s Talk About…” series presented the opportunity to learn more about the India's culture as well going beyond the mainstream narratives and discourse surrounding it.

This series is not politically-themed, but rather an exchange of experiences and views among students as well as an opportunity to have unique conversations with students about their lives and journeys in relation to India and the recent events.

IR Grad Student Panel.jpg
An event for students interested in working in governments and becoming public policy makers. This networking event is just one of our events we hold which connects students with alumni of UBC International Relations, Political Science and Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs all working in public policy area.
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